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    Massage is important for a number of reasons for everyday health and well being and there are literally tons of reasons why we should make this a regular part of our monthly calendar. Here we have examined some of the main points as to why this is the case with a good massage:


    Fight Pain – Many much prefer using a good massage than they do to taking the various common OTC options that are available, which of course all come with their associated side effects, which are not very pleasant for many that use them. The power of human touch is also said to have a very positive effect on healing


    Immunity Booster – In the day and age of stress, which ultimately leads to lots of other unwelcome chronic diseases, we need to have things in place which protect and enhance our immune system and massage definitely is one them. A good massage directly works on the flow of lymph within the boy and various studies have shown that people that have undergone a 45 minute massage session are then found to have much higher levels of blood proteins in their blood which help to fight diseases, tumors etc


    Flexibility – All massage will help you to become more flexible, although some will help more than others. Getting a b2b tantric massage for example will not help as much as say a vigorous Thai massage or Swedish massage for example. But studies have shown than literally only 2 separate massage sessions per week can greatly improve flexibility in those using massage. This is of course very good for people that are getting a bit older who need to stay flexible more than others and also those that are maybe overweight for example


    We hope you would agree that a good massage, be it Swedish, Tantric, Sports or Thai can have a great impact on our lives!


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